Your custom branded publication, meticulously designed to support your
discerning clients in every aspect of moving and exploring their new location.


Our suite of materials in both print and digital, are utilized by many of the worlds leading Sotheby’s International Realty (SIR) affiliates, such as Pacific SIR, Mott and Chace SIR and Daniel Gale SIR. These publications are entirely self-funding and therefore produced at no cost to our portfolio of real estate professionals.

The publication is entirely custom made to introduce the rich brand heritage and unique services provided by each of our partner affiliates.

To achieve this, we include market share information that demonstrate what sets you aside from other real estate companies in an incredibly competitive market place.

Recent success profiles describe how working with and being guided by a conscientious and informed real estate team can lead to long-term financial stability through making sound decisions and investments.

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The printed magazine is biannual and is distributed at local offices and shared with those looking to buy, sell or relocate. It’s a fabulous marketing tool and an anchor into a new relationship.

This is not just another listings magazine, it is a new platform set to achieve the following:

1. Enables the real estate company to introduce the unique services that they offer while also sharing local knowledge and critical insights with a dynamic and receptive audience.

2. Gives a potential client and anyone interested in real estate a comprehensive destination guide, compelling and engaging editorial and additional content which educates and supports them when most needed.



The “Guide” is a compact version of the magazine. It contains much of the same vital location specific information but also incorporates custom maps and other relocation tools. In a tactile world, where quality collateral is still respected, it is ideal for marketing the products and services of real estate professionals to a large audience.

Due to its inherent portability, these are used for open house distribution by agents and specifically designed to be retained by clients and shared with anyone walking into the offices.


A version of the Office “Guide” is also available for individual agents. This is enhanced to feature a brief introduction, bio, and any necessary credentials, successes or contact details.It promotes the personal details and attributes of an agent giving additional credibility and reassuring the client they are dealing with a real estate professional.

The Agent “Guide” is an impressive tool and resource for high agents and clients.
It subtly reassures and conveys the many reasons to work with the company and that individual agent while also promoting a unique location.


The publications are also available in digital format, making it easy to share this valuable content through a variety of touch points such as email, newsletters and marketing campaigns. The digital publications are elegantly published on a software platform that allows them to be viewed effortlessly, with the feel and even the sound of a printed magazine. Fully responsive and SEO friendly, we make it easy to embed video and a variety of links into your website, email signatures or any other web environment.

More versatile and changeable than the print copy, the real estate office and our clients who advertise their services within are able to regularly update the content.

This makes the publication unique and provides a real opportunity for everyone involved to showcase all they have to offer and to feed up to date information to a valuable audience.

The ability to share video and virtual tours of listings and to change these constantly, depending on current listing successes and campaigns, makes it a totally unique way to communicate and promote a portfolio. Advertising clients can also constantly update their details to coincide with current advertising campaigns and events.

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